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Two women, a revolutionary ideal.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 septiembre, 2019


One of the greatest acts of cruelty in the Batista dictatorship was the murder, after horrific torture, of fighters Lydia Doce and Clodomira Acosta.

September 12th, 1958 was a dark day for these two humble Cuban women. Dozens of minions, mounted in patrol cars, were led by an informer, to a building on Rita Street, in the Juanelo neighborhood, in Havana.

There Lidia and Clodomira hid, revolutionaries linked to the struggle in the Sierra Maestra. Also in that building were his fellow ideals Alberto Álvarez, Reynaldo Cruz, Onelio Dampiel and Leonardo Valdés.

The four fighters were riddled wildly that day. Reynaldo received nothing more and nothing less than 52 bullets, as could be seen later in the morgue.

Meanwhile, the two women were forcibly taken and transported successively to two police stations. From there they received countless tortures, impossible to describe.

Lidia counted at the death of 42 years old, fulfilled by those days, and messenger and person of total confidence of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.   Che would write about her later: “When I recall her name, there is more than an affectionate appreciation for the revolutionary without fault, because she had a particular devotion to my person (…) took the most compromising roles to Santiago de Cuba and Havana , all the communications of our column, the numbers of the newspaper El Cubano Libre, also brought the paper, brought medicines, brought, in short, whatever was necessary… ”.

Clodomira was only 22 years old and served as an effective messenger of the Chief of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, in charge of Column No. One José Martí, with headquarters in La Plata, Sierra Maestra.    Both were born in the eastern part of the country, the first era of Holguin and the second era of Manzanillo. They fulfilled the most risky and difficult missions and were recognized for being brave, bold, of much temper and courage, faithful to the cause they defended with love. They also enjoyed full confidence in the leadership of the July 26 Movement, both on the hills and on the plains.

After so much pain, without taking a single word, in the early morning of the 15th, already dying, put in sacks full of stones, they climbed them into a boat, at the naval post at the bottom of La Chorrera Castle in the area of ​​La Puntilla, and already at sea, a mile away from the mouth of the Almendares River, they sank them in the water and took them out, until, not obtaining any result, at dawn of day 17 they were dropped into the sea , where their bodies disappeared.

Their silence and the tortures to which both were subjected twinned them, in the noble purpose of achieving the just cause for which they had offered their youth years and even their life. Three months later, the desired Revolution triumphed and for which so much beautiful blood had been spilled.

The example and names of Lidia Acosta and Clodomira Ferrals have not been forgotten. Cubans, especially women, know about their heroism and greatness and that is why they place it at the top of the heroic seat of the country.








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