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The less homers allow.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 14 septiembre, 2019

Statistics have been part of baseball since it was created in the 19th century and its dissemination in the press media, one of the actions that most contributed to this sport becoming popular in the world.

Thanks to the annotation, today you can see the incidences of a game that happened dozens of years ago, entry by entry and be able to carry the cumulative system of players from all eras.

The “box score” sheet, created by Chadwick in 1845, has transcended to the extreme that it is not conceived that the publication of a baseball chronicle is not accompanied by this element, to the satisfaction of the fans of this sport.

Thanks to statistics it is that today we can find data, sometimes unknown to many fans, regarding meritorious performances of players who are not contemplated when it comes to taking leadership.

Searching in the archives of our National Series since its foundation in 1962, thanks to the work of the Center for Informatics and Applied Statistics of INDER, you can find all or almost everything that happened in these championships.

This broad report, for example, includes the leaders of the pitchers that more homers have allowed in these contests, but not the ones who tolerate the least, so I set out to find them among the thousands of shooters who have passed through our classics.


This relationship includes those who have allowed up to nine homers in more than a thousand times to bat their opponents and sorted by their frequencies, as you will see, they are not so many and some of them little known:

1-Manuel Llera (Camagüey), in one thousand 198 times at bat (VB) allowed only three homers for a frequency of one every 399.33 times.

2-Raúl “Guagüita” López (Habana), in 1,517 VB, was given only four, one on the ground, for a frequency of 379.25. As a curious fact, the first homer was connected by another pitcher, Gaspar “Curro” Pérez, on March 1, 1966, in Palmar de Junco and Wilfredo Sánchez was the author of the home run inside the park, on March 22, 1969, in the CVD Bauta.

3-José Antonio Huelga (Sancti Spíritus), allowed nine homers in three thousand 109 VB, frequency of 345.44.

4-Manuel Alarcón (Granma), he was hit eight in two thousand 176 times, for a frequency of one every 272 VB.

5-Enrique Crespo (Las Villas), allowed eight in 817 times, for a frequency of 227.13 VB.

6-Reynaldo Alsia Puig (Camaguey), in thousand 337 VB, gave him six homers, for a frequency of 222.83.

7-Mario Ferrer (Oriente), by coincidence equal to the previous one: six homers in thousand 337 VB, with a frequency of one every 222.83.

8-Pedro González (Camagüey), nine homers in 815 VB, frequency of one every 201.66.

9-Arcilio López (Camagüey), six connected in 015 times, for a frequency of 169.16.

10 -Angel «Lumumba» García (V. Clara), in 023 VB, seven homers, frequency of 146.14.

11-Pablo Concha (Pinar del Río), allowed seven homers in thousand 004 VB, frequency of 143.43.

12-Felipe Álvarez (Havana), nine home runs in 237 VB, frequency of one every 137.44.

13- Juan Chávez (Havana), nine homers in 080 VB, with a frequency of 120.00. So far there are 87 pitchers that have allowed a hundred or more homers, the first ten are:Carlos Yanes (Island of Youth), 475; Gervasio Miguel Govín (Island), 319; José Miguel Báez (Las Tunas), 278; Pedro Luis Lazo (Pinar del Río), 254; Osvaldo Duvergel (Guantanamo), 250; Ciro Silvino Licea (Granma), 241; Misael López (Granma), 240; Ernesto Guevara (Granma), 222; Jorge Luis Valdés (Matanzas), 221 and José Luis Alemán (Santiago), two thousand 017.

– Sources consulted: Computer Center, INDER.




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