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Matanzas check continues before energy situation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 septiembre, 2019

The government authorities, under the guidance of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Matanzas, continue to monitor the behavior of the main economic and social lines of the province in the midst of the confrontation with the current energy situation that the country is going through.

So far, the panorama in Matanzas remains favorable indicators in almost all areas. A high percentage of assistance to the educational teaching process, isolated electric shots throughout the territory and the timely distribution of the basic basket in the municipalities, confirm the willingness of the administrative direction of the country to reduce the effects of the US siege on the Island.

During the videoconferences made from the Government of Matanzas, the directors of entities manage to exchange with leaders of the rest of the municipalities and thus know the real state of the process to find immediate solutions to the incidents that occur daily. Diesel units seek to supply fuel figures for the production of bread and flour derivatives.

The beef cattle production plan is complied with and, according to Marieta Poey Zamora, vice president of the Administration Body, the transfer of products from the basic basket, released products and those that sell the CIMEX and TRD chains through use is encouraged of rail transport. Orlando Rodríguez Mesa, vice president of the Board of Directors in Matanzas, after insuring chicken and fish in commercial establishments, insisted on the normalization of both products in order not to fall for hoarding.

The Energy Council of the province discussed the need for savings in consumption during the «peak» hours, an indicator that performs a thorough analysis. Health authorities in the province declared the safety and quality of medical assistance services. They urged the re-sterilization of medical equipment, the increase in blood donations and the use of alternative and traditional medicine. It is necessary for MINSAP in Matanzas to work in the control of viral diseases and the proliferation of epidemics through preventive actions in the territory.

The ambulance service is prioritized and the logistics for the treatment of serious diseases, attention to the maternal and child program and inter-consultations. Sterilization water, medicinal bottles, oxygen and sanitary material are available in the network of hospitals and polyclinics in the locality.


Guillermo Lugo Cué, delegate of Hydraulic Resources, said that they work hard to dispose pipes in villages and bateyes, places where the reach of the vital liquid becomes complex. Liván Izquierdo, the first secretary of the PCC, clarified that the pumping of water to the population cannot be stopped under any circumstances and that for this, alternatives such as the rearrangement of loads must be made viable.

Gallons of paint, twelve active cars to clean up the provincial capital and the creation of cleaning movements represent some of the immediate actions carried out by the Community Services Company in greeting of the 326 anniversary of the Yumurine city.The removal of sheet metal to drivers, fines and other sanctions become a consistent response to some insensitivity features in the transport sector.

The town is added as a determining factor in the complaint against violations, indolence, rising prices in private transport and corruption within the sector. Izquierdo stressed that the competent authorities are primarily responsible for applying severe penalties to carriers that violate the rules of passenger pick-up. The director meant that despite some incidents in this line, when the next 39 thousand liters of oil arrive in the country on September 30, the moral conduct and collective consciousness that emanated in the Cuban people as a result of this new imperialist aggression must remain.

Regarding the process of centralization of education, Edilberto Casanova Almenteros, provincial director of Education, said that the students of the Vocational School of Exact Sciences and the pupils of Basic and Pre-University Secondary School will be regrouped by concept of proximity to schools near their homes Before, the exchange with parents and the general population is foreseen to inform and exchange about this measure that ensures the continuity and stability of the teaching process.

Tania León Silveira, president of the provincial Assembly of Popular Power, urged to work in a tight box and to touch with the heart every situation that may arise during this stage of revolutionary resistance and intransigence.







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