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«Grandma, cook me a remedy».

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 22 septiembre, 2019

Who hasn’t asked Grandma to cook her when her throat or stomach hurts? It is a tradition that is inherited from mothers to children and is part of the national culture. That is why the permanent use of green medicine is often integrated into the home existence.

The lack of raw material for the production of industrial medicines propels the need to increase the use of these natural remedies as a way to alleviate what the population requires in cases of chronic non-communicable diseases.

For this, the specialists indicate that it is appropriate to consult the family doctor, who decides which therapeutic solution to diagnose, but nevertheless, the pharmacy staff is obliged to disclose in the care units and inform the doctor of the products available in the units.

For example, about ten syrups are made for bronchial conditions, such as asthma and cough, including oregano and holy cane, oregano and sweet orange, oregano and rosemary, oregano, sweet orange, linden, of aloe, and onion.

Infomed indicates that joint and systematic evaluations are carried out between the Health and Bio-CubaFarma directorates to establish production priorities and leveling between municipalities and institutions, in order to guarantee those destined to the emergency care, the serious patient and chronic diseases.

Likewise, an update is made in videoconferencing on failures and low coverage of medications and their solution prognosis; daily communication to the medical staff about the availability of these in community and institutional pharmacies and the dissemination in on-call deliveries of the care centers, in the services and basic work groups.

Solutions and relief to the population becomes the increase of this ancestral medicine, whose effectiveness is beneficial in many cases.





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