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The province continues implementing energy saving plans in the current situation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 22 septiembre, 2019

The province of Matanzas achieved 99.6 percent compliance in the energy saving plans in the last 24 hours by virtue of the measures adopted in the state sector, while the efforts in the residential sector are increasing, which constitutes a positive sign In this effort. However, although in lower figures, defaults are observed in the municipalities of Matanzas, Calimete, Cárdenas and Perico.

The foregoing was announced this Saturday in the check-up carried out at the headquarters of the provincial Government, chaired by the highest authorities of Matanzas territory.

Emphasis was placed on strengthening savings in the so-called electric “peaks” from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, as they are the times of greatest energy demand, where the residential sector has a important weight This indicates that the province is progressively approaching the goal of the desired one hundred percent savings and thus avoid the annoying blackouts.

The Electric Company informed that all its circuits are operational and that the interruptions presented have been in very specific places, which have been restored in the shortest possible time.

Work is being carried out to guarantee the basic services of the population while continuing to work fairly normally with regard to food production, such as, among others, eggs, the collection of milk and pig meat and vaccine.

In this check developed simultaneously with the rest of the twelve municipalities through a video-conference, the work that each territory carries out to guarantee the distribution of the basic basket was known, which also includes the social service.

All the bakeries are fundamentally functioning, which guarantees the bread in the basket and that of the so-called Cuban Chain of Bread, which concentrates its productive and marketing activity in the morning hours.

Regarding transport, it is checked that there are inspectors present at the most important stops and that they have stability in them. Also with the members of the transport contingent that has a presence in main entrances and exits of cities and towns, especially where there are more people.

Violations of some state bus and car drivers that do not stop in some places continue to be detected, even in the presence of inspectors and other rental cars that disproportionately alter the established ticket prices, which are being sanctioned with severe measurements.

Likewise, Transportation is guaranteeing the transfer of students to the pre-established places to take them to their study centers.   In the educational sector measures are implemented so that the students of the Vocational Carlos Marx continue to receive their classes in pre-university near their places of residence and for this purpose classrooms and laboratories have been enabled to receive them.

Ambulance services for the transfer of patients are maintained normally, guaranteeing those cases that are most sensitive due to their pathology, while hospitals receive important medical accessories such as dies, nozzles and syringes for the care of admitted patients. It is necessary to raise blood collection through donations from the population.

Regarding the Community Services, it was learned in this meeting that in the last 24 hours there is an intense work in the collection of solid waste in large cities, especially the city of Matanzas and its peripheral neighborhoods, which must be fully sanitized this Sunday.It is proposed that by September 26, the municipalities and towns of the province of Matanzas must be properly sanitized.

Finally and in a special way it was reported that on the occasion of the new anniversary of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution on September 28, the supply of the articles will be guaranteed to guarantee the traditional broth so that the CDR celebrate with joy the 59 years of the organization as every year, through the coordination already established with the Directorate of Commerce.






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