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Emerging measures without affecting workers.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 septiembre, 2019

The current energy situation in Cuba due to the resurgence of the extraterritorial US blockade leads to the application of emerging measures for fuel savings.

Among the examples to cite is the CIMEX branch of Matanzas, where in addition to the readjustment of work schedules, the relocation of workers from administrative areas to their areas of residence was organized.

With these actions, said Lizet Rodríguez García, Head of the Marketing Group in that entity, the use of transport is reduced considerably and consequently the cost of fuel.

“The workers, for example, of the Commerce Management, of the central office of the administrative logistics area, are located in the Matanzas Complex and Cárdenas, according to their location, because here are the highest concentrations.”

The employees of the rest of the Matanzas territories join the units of their regions.

«We talk about units, stores that have administrative offices, join them and do their job.»

A strategy designed for energy saving but without neglecting the benefits of the worker.“In all commercial units we work and we don’t have any interrupted employees. Adjustments have been made in the schedules after consultation with the worker so that he is not affected”.

These measures are added, as explained by Jorge Enrique Villa Ramírez, commercial specialist who attends the activity of fuels in CIMEX de Matanzas, the suppression of the sale of fuel in tanks or deposits that are not those of the vehicle

“If a vehicle arrives that has 500 liters of fuel in the tank and there is availability in the service center, it is dispatched. If it is a thousand liters, it is also dispatched, which other containers cannot use for it”.

This measure, said Villa Ramírez, is aimed at avoiding the hoarding that usually emerges in situations like these, since the driver in order to secure his fuel for ten or fifteen days.

“Under normal conditions there is a limit, 20 liters of gasoline and up to 208 of diesel, but in the current conditions with fuel availability it is zero for the private sector.  «In the state will only be accepted in those organizations vital to the economy, prior authorization of the provincial Energy Council and the National Directorate of CIMEX.»

Strategies that the Cuban Government and State has to implement and ensure compliance to withstand as little annoyance as possible the effects of the cruelty with which the United States treats us and the limitations that it imposes on us to drown, bend until we try to destroy our invincible Revolution.





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