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The formula that is imposed is that of the requirement and control.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 septiembre, 2019

The success over the adversities caused by the fuel deficit in recent days lies in the requirement, control and full compliance with the measures taken to succeed in the moment.

That is not the spirit that must seize everyone, without leaving for tomorrow, nor for another day, what is the imperative task of today.

In the check of yesterday Sunday in the Government Palace it came to light that the energy saving plan was fulfilled at 98.4 percent, although four municipalities did not reach the expected estimates: Matanzas, Cárdenas, Perico and Calimete.

In this regard, Liván Izquierdo, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, suggested the creation of a strong popular movement in the residential sector to save that the rigor of the inspection is not neglected. And he emphasized that sometimes it is not known what is happening in the community or in the state sector. It is unknown how many fines are imposed. And he wondered how much fuel the country stops using daily to use in other services, such as, he said, garbage collection.

As for transportation, he oriented to bring the list of state cars that continue to circulate without picking up passengers.

«It is unforgivable,» he emphasized, «that with the situation in the country we spend the fuel irrationally.»

The president of the provincial Assembly of Popular Power, Tania León Silveira, stressed that every day you have to check the generators to find out what oil they finished the day and how much they start the next.

As far as food is concerned, today Monday begins the distribution of additional eggs in the cellars.   Liván commented on the purpose of visiting all the fairs next Sunday in order to organize them better.

“Every fair has to have a body of inspectors. We need to be systematic. People have to, in addition to buying the food of the week, enjoy the fair, listen to music, enjoy Sunday. ”

Given the case that the province collects around four million pesos in daily sales, Tania clarified: “What still needs to be done is not done. There is no movement in the sales units. Today Monday we have to dawn with an armed revolution that promotes commercial circulation. You have to develop a dynamic to get the slow movement in the stores. In this province you have to sell five million pesos. ”Moment that took the first secretary of the Party to say: “As we go, we will not be able to meet the income. The idle must be moved. ”It was also learned that today 45 routes will serve.

In summary, Liván Izquierdo asked to bring to the meeting in how many constituencies garbage was collected and in how many not.And the emphasis was on meeting scheduled blood donations.As I said at the beginning, the formula that is imposed is that of the requirement and control, only in this way will we be able to eliminate the obstacles that interpose.




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