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Most municipalities manage to reduce energy consumption.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 septiembre, 2019

The territories of Perico and Calimete were freed from the burden of energy overconsumption and only the cities of Matanzas and Cárdenas remain for reducing the cost of non-compliants.

Thanks to the discipline and effort in work and student centers, the national economy was contributed, to which is added the movement that grows at the residential level to collaborate with the decrease to the maximum, especially at peak times of high electricity demand.

In the teleconference of this start of the week, it was reported that the availability of diesel in the province is limited, therefore priority will be given to the basic services of the population, with emphasis on health, education and food distribution, as well as He works in alternatives for sectors such as communal and transportation.

Good news met in the exchange of the leadership of the Party and the Government in the province with each of the territories. The positive functioning of the classes for the students of the Vocational Carlos Marx in the selected schools was announced; the opening of the waiting list by rail to the eastern provinces, the stabilization in the production and distribution of eggs and agricultural products, as well as the entry of the basic basket for all wineries and health, the performance of 50 operations pending and the progress of the intensive campaign against the aedes aegypti mosquito.

The sale of products for the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the CDR and the beautification of the stables, as well as a massive day of blood donations in tribute to September 28th, was also notified as of next Wednesday.

In an objective manner, specific complaints from the population were analyzed by the Party’s first secretary, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, about the poor quality of standard coffee; the increase in prices in the market of Jagüey Grande and some truck drivers in the popular councils of the Beach, Pastorita and Pueblo Nuevo in the provincial capital, to which he indicated the need for the people to demand their rights and act combatively in the face of violations.

With regard to transportation, he pointed out that popular conscience draws on the worthy examples of those who pick up at the stops and demanded from the brigade of transport inspectors the permanence at the points and if it is necessary to alternate them in shifts to facilitate the flow of passengers in these days of energy contingency.







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