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Provides FCBC solution for cooking with wood waste.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 septiembre, 2019

At a time when the current US administration insists on slowing the march of the Cuban revolutionary process with the siege and the imposition of extraterritorial sanctions on those who sell fuels with Cuba, those born on this land respond with ingenuity and the will to win.


Among the many examples that speak of it is the initiative of the workers of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property (FCBC) of Matanzas.

“We have a workshop at the Ernst Thaelmann Polytechnic and another at the Antonio Maceo to teach students to work the wood and from the need to save fuel we have designed to make a stove for each school, whose fuel to use would be sawdust and other wood waste.

«With them you can prepare the food of each center and avoid the use of gas, oil or electricity, energy carriers in which the Cuban State has to invest large financial resources for importation or generation.»

To this comment from Anatoly Alberto Fabelo Santana, FCBC representative, adds that his institution can guarantee the appeal.

«The sawdust that we throw away allows us to perfectly cook from Monday to Friday in these educational centers.»

This also offers an ecological solution to wood waste that accumulates in carpentry and companies that work with this material, as many end up burning that raw material, a process that leads to the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.








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