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59 years ago Fidel defends before the UN the right of Cuba to decide its own destiny.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 septiembre, 2019

Today marks the 59th anniversary of the then Prime Minister Fidel Castro Ruz defending the right of Cubans to decide their own destiny during his speech before the XV session of the United Nations General Assembly; In the same headquarters where these days there is a delegation from the island, which, headed by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, carries out an intense diplomatic activity in order to achieve the total rejection of the UN to the resurgence of the economic blockade of the government of the States United against the Caribbean country.

Accompanied, among others, by commanders Juan Almeida Bosque and Pedro Miret, Fidel arrived in New York on September 18th, 1960 and on the 26th of that month, he made his first major intervention at the UN international forum to denounce the policy aggressive of US imperialism towards Cuba.

His speech had a wide impact, because it directly alluded to the millions and millions of people subjected to various forms of exploitation and fixed before all nations, the position of the largest of the Antilles regarding these evils.

Before an audience accustomed to listening to brief and protocol interventions, the charismatic 34-year-old leader delivered a forceful allegation of more than four hours, accompanied on numerous occasions by applause, in which he extensively exposed the reality of Cuba before and after the newly conquered revolutionary victory .

He also boldly addressed the main problems that afflicted underdeveloped peoples, and humanity, to the point that a South American diplomat said that «the Caribbean Island now looks like a continent.»

The Chief of the nascent Cuban Revolution could not fail to mention how much of rejection and condemnation deserved the permanence of the illegal Guantanamo Base imposed on the people of the island, and the role of the OAS that had stood out for sanctioning Cuba and not for the United States for its aggressions.   It was there, in the United Nations premises where Fidel, mentioning the origins of the wars, stated emphatically and firmly:»The philosophy of dispossession disappears, and the philosophy of war has disappeared»!

Another overwhelming demonstration of revolutionary reaffirmation was given by the undefeated Commander in Chief before the heterogeneous auditorium of the UN when reading the Declaration of Havana, content of the principles that supported it. His voice became the most faithful expression of a country that had made a Revolution with deep social roots, 90 miles from the main imperialist power.

Congratulations, hugs, exclamations of support for the island and its Revolution, were expressed by different delegations. Cuba represented on the UN podium by Fidel had accomplished a historic mission, of international scope. An undoubted victory of a people that defends their sovereignty and will continue their unstoppable course along the paths of Socialism.




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