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Matanzas province meets energy saving plan.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 septiembre, 2019

All Matanzas municipalities complied with their energy saving plan for the last day, although some do not meet the requirements for peak hours.

The arrangement of loads during this period may be one of the solutions to this difficulty, as was known in the meeting to analyze the measures taken to alleviate the current lack of fuel, carried out last night with the presence of the highest authorities of the Party and the Government in the province.

There, violations were detected in five Matanzas entities, which led to the imposition of administrative measures.

The residential sector now has an important role in efforts to ensure that we continue without blackouts, so it requires the collaboration of families and the joint effort of mass organizations to maximize savings, especially during the hours of greater demand for electricity.

Particular attention received at the meeting the situation of food, the assurance of the timely arrival of the basic basket to the commercial units and the maintenance of the commitment to achieve the distribution of 30 pounds per capita of agricultural products.

Those present also discussed the presence in each CDR of the necessary supplies for a worthy celebration of the anniversary of that mass organization, which must be, in addition to a reason for celebration, a moment of revolutionary reaffirmation.

Other issues addressed were the illegality of the reseller’s actions and the maintenance of prices, both for food products and transport, as well as the measures adopted, which include the imposition of fines and the withdrawal of the license for workers for own account.

Something that caught the attention knew that the sale of diesel in service stations for each vehicle with an operational license, which last December was one-six-liter, rose this month to 30 liters, a tangible sample of the amount that, coming from State companies, used so far private carriers, and increased control.

Also striking is the level of concern for the maintenance of the education system, which led to the depth of the analysis, at a provincial meeting, even the situation of a teacher who teaches five students in the municipality of Los Arabos and had transport difficulties, case for which a solution was already found.

In addition to, the guarantee of both food and fuel to inform them in the study centers, by traditional means or through the search for alternatives. As for the Karlos Marx Exact Vocational Science University, in Matanzas municipality, today it will be decided when the students will be reinstated, which is pending due to lack of fuel for buses.

As for health, the operation of both ambulances and inter-consultation services for municipalities is ensured, in addition to the administrative records of the sector collaborating with the transport of patients in need. There is also a positive reaction regarding blood donations in most territories and there is no difficulty with the supply of oxygen to hospital centers.

Although it is recognized that during the month of October the difficulties will be maintained and therefore the rigorousness of the saving measures, the meeting transmitted optimism and security in the possibility of overcoming this difficult moment and avoiding, as far as possible, any affectation to the citizenship.




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