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Esteban Lazo participates in the check-up of the province of Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 septiembre, 2019

The video conference of analysis and decision making every day by the provincial group of Matanzas, for the confrontation with the energy situation that the country is going through, was chaired this Saturday, by Esteban Lazo, president of the Cuban Parliament.

The main political and governmental figures of the province and the municipalities participate, as well as the directors of the important companies of both levels of hierarchy. Tanía León Silveira, president of the Government in the province, explained to Lazo how this activity works and gave an overview of the current state of the territory. Among the most debated aspects were those related to Education, Health, Transportation, fuel, electricity and food, among others.

This check takes care of the day to day of the march of the territory, agreements are adopted and those of the meeting of the previous day are checked, with solutions or measures applied in those cases that require it, in addition new work actions are informed. The initiatives developed for the distribution of products were made known to the President of Parliament. How travel is combined and the policy of no empty car is applied, as well as the use, in cases that are allowed, of animal-powered transport.

Urban buses have not been circulating for days and despite this, more than 220,000 passengers have been transported with the state vehicles that circulate. There was talk of the contingent of transport workers who provide services in different nerve centers of the city. Disciplinary measures were also reported: fines and others for offenders, especially those who do not pick up passengers. Main recognition to the comrades of the National Revolutionary Police for the work they do on this front.

The Provincial Director of Education reported on the teaching coverage of the province. He said that it is complete, although there are professional needs, since there are places occupied by contractors. The director informed that on Tuesday the students of the Carlos Marx Vocational School will return, who are currently in their municipalities of residence. He also pointed out that those of the main municipality, which due to the distance of their homes cannot arrive in time to comply with the teaching schedule, will be transferred to internships. He noted that this measure is associated with parents.

He explained, in addition, that after the salary increase 804 teachers have been incorporated that were outside the educational system, thus reinforcing the cloisters in the schools.   The director of the Basic Electric Organization said that every day electricity is saved according to the planned plan, both in daily consumption and in the «peak» schedule. Only Matanzas and Cárdenas fail to comply with their plan. The official explained that 46 measures have been applied to offenders and pointed out that the inspector body detects violations on a daily basis. It was also said that controls will increase next week, mainly in Matanzas and Cárdenas.

In this regard, Esteban Lazo referred to the fact that there may be municipalities that fulfill the plan, but in those municipalities some institutions do not fulfill it, and against these we must also act. Surveillance must be extreme. Likewise, Liván Izquierdo, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province of Matanzas, oriented to be severe with those who steal electricity. Then he added: «In the fight against offenders, we must link the community factors with the delegate of Popular Power at the head.» And he summarized: «We must put into practice all the necessary measures to avoid affecting the people.»

Among other aspects, the daily fulfillment of the production of milk, beef and pig meat was disclosed, but not that of egg. It also works to reach 30 pounds of food per capita. It was suggested that product and transportation insurance are guaranteed for this Sunday’s fairs in the municipalities of Cárdenas and Matanzas.

Regarding the distribution of the basic basket or products regulated by the supply book, it was reported that there is no difficulty in selling it at the beginning of the month. Tania León Silveira informed that on Monday 500 tons of fish arrive in the province and directed those responsible for distribution and sale to develop as many initiatives as are necessary so that they reach consumers immediately. The First Secretary of the Party read a group of states of opinion of the population and gave concrete guidelines for follow-up and urgent action.

Among the opinions is the non-reduction of prices on expired products in currency collection stores or with expiration date close to expiration. The president of the Cuban Parliament, Esteban Lazo, took advantage of the meeting to talk with those present about the current situation in the country. He referred to the ideological work of the cadres. He said that indiscipline and errors must be strongly attacked. Do more ideological political work. He said that state cars should continue picking up at the stops. We are defending socialism, he said. He called to continue working with greater decency. And he pointed out: «We must work for a comprehensive general culture.»






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