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Matanzas ensures attention to priorities in the face of fuel shortages.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 septiembre, 2019

The province of Matanzas keeps checking the measures that mitigate the impacts of the escalation of the blockade and adopts various responses to guarantee the vitality of services to the population, social consumption and tourism.

This Sunday, the highest authorities of the territory, together with directors of organizations, evaluated through videoconference the tasks that fulfill the mandate to respond with sensitivity and promptness to the problems that afflict the people.

Guillermo Díaz Delgado, director of Community Services, explained that more than 300 owners of animal-drawn carts work in the collection of waste in Cárdenas, Colón and Matanzas. For the benefit of the community, non-agricultural cooperatives also participated in the disposal of micro-dumps in the main city and Cárdenas.

On the other hand, it transpired that the services of electricity, water, food, health and transportation of patients in ambulances or facilities served for this purpose are guaranteed.

Edilberto Casanova Armenteros, director of Education, informed that basic and pre-university secondary school students are being regrouped in centers close to their homes to ensure continuity of study.Students of the Carlos Marx Pre-University Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences return to their campus on Tuesday to receive their classes, including seminars that go to the scholarship system because of the impossibility of daily transfer.

In the children’s circles their schedules were rearranged and in the universities the tasks to be fulfilled by the students and teachers in the teaching units and municipalities were decentralized.To date, nearly 300,000 people moved in the province with the support of the transport contingent, while the measures were applied with the offenders and the charges were organized, both in transport and by rail.

Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Party in Matanzas, insisted on solidarity with the problem of the other, that each difficulty awakens in Matanzas the sense of duty to ensure the country more production amidst the energy complexities.






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