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Joint actions demanded between citizens and institutions.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 1 octubre, 2019

It is an obvious truth that the measures before the energy emergency that are adopted in the province demand joint actions between the state and the citizens. And that reality is felt in the daily videoconferences made to check the behavior of the decisions issued by the Party and the Government in Matanzas.

When analyzing the work of the working groups, they highlight tasks that need greater collective collaboration for their understanding and progress.

In the first place, the situation of energy consumption that remains high in the cities of Matanzas and Cárdenas and requires a deeper load accommodation in the state sector and the conscious support of the population in the “peak” hours, much more when alert that the national time change is coming. This means that it is necessary to move to low demand schedules the cooking of food, the lavatory and even the bathroom of the members of the family nucleus, as well as the realization of office or production work, which can really be carried out at other times and They are not made.

The rational use of liquefied gas by Matanzas population is also important, which is distributed on alternate days at the different points enabled, with the organizational sales system released every two months by customer. They pointed out that the sectors of Health, Education, Vocational Carlos Marx and the School of Sports Initiation in the provincial capital will be prioritized, as well as different institutions of Cárdenas.

Another vital issue was the movement of passengers in the morning, when the transfer to schools and hospitals is sharpened. When considering this problem, it is observed that the inspectors are not missing at the stops and their work is recognized, but the lack of fuel reaches the work center buses and Transmetro.

For this, it is prudent not to cram the stops if you are going to move to short stretches and also accommodate the load, in terms of assessing which time is best to move within the city without recharging the times of extreme demand.

In the checking between province and municipalities, headed by Liván Izquierdo, first secretary of the Party and Tanía León Silveira, president of the Government, the waste collection was discussed with the territories, which remains serious in Popular Councils of Cárdenas and unstable in those of Matanzas due to the lack of fuel, although the use of carts with animal traction is adopted.

For this purpose, it is worth emphasizing the role that the population plays and we all know that, because the dumping of garbage at any place on the block occurs at a time, street hygiene is not taken care of and some citizens demonstrate their lack of education by execute acts of dirt that hurt the beauty of our towns and cities. We must be more energetic in the stables with those who feel oblivious to the hygienic needs of the place where they live.

Among the achievements of this period, the effectiveness of the massive day of blood donations was informed, which led to the province fulfilling this altruistic Health program and the one referring to the production of traditional and natural medicines that reaches a positive level, given the witch doctors are urged to use as an alternative in the absence of medication pharmacies that require import raw material.





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