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Fidel indecipherable for the empire.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 octubre, 2019

From a young age to decipher the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz has been the puzzle of the successive leaders of the empire, because before each situation he showed how to emerge or move forward. That is the philosophy that he sowed in his town and the trump card that we fly Cuban and Cuban.

In the current context, the people manifest how much we have been within the faithful and Martians. With more effort, more demand and control we fight against the current fuel shortage, and the glorious time will come to showcase the graduations of masters and doctors in “capacity” to do more, while the blockade imposed by the United States increases.

In this battle of Titans we are all protagonists and we have to play the role that corresponds to us. Act as a country, as the Cuban President rightly proclaims, to have a Fidel multiplied in all national and international settings.

Cuba has the people to make decisions and this is manifested daily, because no service has been paralyzed, nor are we going to do without one of them.

The Cubans, together with their leaders, must ensure the saving of electric energy and the rationality of everything that can and should be consumed. This will avoid unnecessary discomfort.

With dignity we will return the use of animal traction, the wood stove, without giving up the improvement of the social system of all and for the good of all.

As Fidel, Cubans and Cubans will be for eternity the puzzle of the empire, we are the inhabitants of an assorted island of principles that fly the flags of triumph at the highest of its elevations.







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