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Reduce Matanzas energy consumption.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 octubre, 2019

In the meeting held on Tuesday between the highest authorities of the Party, the Government and the managers of the different entities of Matanzas it was found that the province reduces energy consumption.

Each territory listed the inspections carried out in the state and residential sector and made sure that the latter will increase in the next few days with the aim of detecting the frauds that still exist, mainly in homes.

On the other hand, it was explained that the manual harvest of corn continues and is distributed to the feed industry. It is fulfilled with the delivery of more than one thousand two hundred tons of beef from cattle planned for the month.

As for the normalized family basket, the rice rotation plan is already reorganized to make it reach the corresponding commercial units.

Despite the limitations of travel caused by the cruel blockade of the US government to Cuba, more than 16 thousand tourists enjoy the facilities of the resort of Varadero.

A good news announced the director of the Matanzas transport company, Geobel Quintero Hernández, saying that from next seven of this month the national bus trips from Matanzas to Santiago de Cuba and Las Tunas will resume.

In the case of the first province it will be with a daily frequency, the second on alternate days. Towards Havana will continue your usual departure at two in the afternoon.

He also explained that measures are taken with those who insist on violating the established and altering the prices of the tickets and with the drivers of state vehicles that do not yet share their trip with the population. It is worth noting that these cases are a minority.

Despite the limitations and shortcomings, public health professionals remain active and in the past day they performed 64 surgical interventions and inter-consultations are prioritized in different municipalities.

Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province of Matanzas reiterated the call to people in Matanzas to face the current situation with greater solidarity, discipline and control.






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