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To protect our big house.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 4 octubre, 2019

The replacement of aluminum doors and windows with wooden ones in teachers, the incorporation of 200 new tables and the repair of another 200, are some of the actions implemented at the University of Matanzas for this school year, however as the school period progresses a need becomes more evident: the care of social property.

Sitting on the tables or writing them down, forcing the windows or throwing papers wherever they are, are some of the customs that denote the lack of consideration or sense of belonging of a few, who apparently do not mind seeing their glittering and clean University.

And it is that like our house, the classroom, the halls, the bathrooms, the green areas of any school say a lot about the habits and values ​​of those who live in it. That is why the family plays such an important role in education on this issue since childhood, so that children do not drag until they come of age with such pernicious practices to the detriment of social welfare.

The management of the center is involved in the maintenance and repair of the facilities as part of the program for its 50th anniversary and on the eve of the National Festival of the University Student Federation (FEU), whose headquarters will be in Matanzas next year.

The buildings of residence B and E where collective bathrooms are replaced by independent bathrooms in each room, the gym and the space where amateur artists enhance their talent, are other priority areas.

The objective?, to guarantee the well-being of students and professors who both yearned for transformations like these. It remains then to ensure the care and hygiene of the University, as long as we are proud to be members of the large family that lives and grows in this great house.







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