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It is anticipated greater information agility in the accountability of the Popular Power.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 octubre, 2019

The second process of accountability of the delegate to its electors corresponding to the XVII mandate began in #Matanzas with an organizational novelty through the so-called electronic government, which allows online control of the approaches issued in the assemblies from the base to the higher entities.

Likewise, the response of the agencies is computerized and flows to the knowledge of the government authorities and the voter himself.

These mechanisms are unique in the world, since there is no other country in which a ruler accounts for his work to the mass that elected him. Therefore, when we think of #Cuba we have to do it with admiration towards our system of Government and the new Constitution of the Republic, approved by the majority of our population.

In statements by Mario Sabines Lorenzo, first vice president of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, it was learned that on this occasion the figures of the delegate and political factors acquire leading levels, since meetings in the constituencies and their areas will attend managers where needed Offer a response to a particular issue.

Likewise, work will be done to involve the people in the occurrence of their area of ​​residence and information on what happens in the municipality will be offered in terms of progress, stagnation or setback in various spheres, to achieve a general understanding of the progress of the territory.

Those who stand out in the period will be recognized at the neighborhood level, including the doctor, the nurse, the teachers of the schools, chauffeurs, winemakers, shopkeepers, communal workers and anyone who contributes selflessly with community.

In the province, 789 constituencies of the 78 existing Popular Councils are convened, in a process that will last until November 25th.








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