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Remember in Jovellanos presence of Che 52 years after his death.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 octubre, 2019

As every October, the roads that lead to the Ciro Redondo Agrobotanical Experimental Unit, in this municipality of the province of Matanzas, are tinged with town. Precisely, they arrived there on the morning of October 6 to remember the immortal guerrilla in the traditional walk the main authorities of this central territory, accompanied by young people, pioneers and people in general for, in the same place that our Ernesto founded Che Guevara, pay tribute to his memory on the 52nd anniversary of the fall in combat.

Between songs, slogans and slogans, the crossing passed, which at all times of its almost 12 km was motivated by youthful enthusiasm.

Once in the historic place that saw the ideas of the Heroic Guerrilla as a man of science materialized, sheltered under the same shadow of the ceiba tree that, without knowing it, witnessed the last appearance of Che in public along with good of his fighting companions, the occasion was propitious to deliver the UJC militant card to several outstanding young people of the territory.

Whose was it, how did this man who multiplies in the feeling of his people in the Revolution and how he influences youth, said in his central words Oneisys Bolaños Guirola, first secretary of the Union of Young Communists in the municipality. It also meant that Che is not a legend, but a reality that exists and endures through its values, bequeathed to our people.

She also expressed that many of his ideas today have absolute validity and without which communism cannot be reached. At another time during her speech, the youth leader raised her voice to demand justice for the victims of state terrorism, as well as the end of the inhuman blockade to which we are subjected by the Washington administration.And to Che, on behalf of the younger generation, he let us know that “we will continue to carry the work of the Revolution forward, the UJC will not fail and we will enforce what has been agreed with Fidel, the Party, Raúl and our president Miguel Díaz-Canel, because The future is today thinking as a country. ”










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