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Meteorology and innovation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 octubre, 2019

Invention and creativity, tools to offer a better service, that is the currency that distinguishes the work of those who make up the Committee of Innovators and Rationalizers (CIR) of the provincial Meteorological Center of Matanzas, the only one of its kind that has the territorial delegation of the CITMA

Commenting on the working style of this CIR, Milagros Alfonso, its president, said.

“There is a diagnosis of the needs of the province and the priorities of our center and from there the thematic plan is designed, but I think that the most interesting thing about this process is that innovation is made on the basis of what is called soft technology

«Because people generally see innovation as the replacement of parts or components of equipment and here the task is the use of the human intellect to transform the existing reality with the knowledge of meteorological science.»

About the accumulation of activities carried out today by the 22 members of the CIR of the Metanorological Center of Matanzas, its president related:

“We are working today with information directed towards energy saving, the use of our information by certain agencies, whose relationship with the National Office for the Rational Use of Energy (ONURE) is quite close.

“This allows the use of variables such as temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure in certain software to work on aspects such as the improvement in daily energy consumption and day-hours in hotels in the tourist resort of Varadero; We also link up with CUPET in a framework contract to offer meteorological data that leads to greater effectiveness in fuel operations.

«This includes the work carried out by entities such as the Fuel Marketer in Matanzas Bay, logically to preserve the cleanliness of its waters.»

The agro-productive activity, Milagros added, does not escape from them and it is precisely the Anapist sector that has increased the requests for services to Meteorology.

“This makes today a greater monitoring of the meteorological behavior is appreciated, of course, protected by the knowledge that these producers have of the characteristics of their locality and cultivation soils because they have already realized that the climate is not same.

«The expansion and diversification of these relationships lead to our meteorological service reaching honey, tobacco, and various crops producers today and this leads to our specialists constantly having to overcome themselves, in order to meet the requests for these services.»

To these benefits that science brings to the economy is another novelty, the work related to the Life Task.  “It is no secret to anyone that Matanzas is the most vulnerable Cuban province to the effects of climate change, so this is an important front in which ANIR members also provide their grain of sand.

«And there is the whole design of native, native future scenarios, made by Matanzas aniristas to offer alternatives to the problems that climate change can cause in the agro-productive activity of the province.»

Creativity and willingness to contribute from its place to the sustainable development of the country, mission of Cuban innovators.







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