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My first kerchief.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 octubre, 2019

I did not give up until I got the knot like my mother’s, neither too tight nor too loose. She had a facility from day one to make that blue scarf look beautiful on my neck! Then I discovered in a photo that hers was two colors, but I was happy with mine, as clear as the sky, as the sea that surrounds this Island.

And I remember now those days when, on the way to work, I hear the emotion of the parents who this week placed their scarf for the first time to their children, a symbol of the defeated road, but also of the one that still remains to be traveled.

Today’s pioneers must be, like those of other times, reading lovers, respectful, supportive while parents and teachers must always remind them of their responsibility and discipline. It would be valid even to rescue those brief readings of the norms of formal education that were once done in the morning, so that the Martian children remember them and practice all their lives.

The little ones who just receive their blue scarves must strive to reach the red one too. A garment that must accompany them until they finish primary school and therefore must take care and not remove their clothing even when the heat rises or they are already heading home.

Taking care of the uniform and wearing it correctly will also be a way to proudly express your school level, but also your respect for the Homeland and attachment to the study.








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