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Today only that would be enough to define Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 octubre, 2019


With the presence of the president of the Parliament and the Council of State of Cuba, Esteban Lazo Hernández, the solemn session of the municipal Assembly of the Popular Power of Matanzas took place on October 12, where the 326 birthday of this neoclassical city was celebrated, baptized like the Athens of Cuba.

At the meeting, which was based at the José White Concert Hall, Yosiel Landín Gamazo, president of that organ in the capital city, expressed the commitment that this people has with the continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

“To reaffirm our vocation of struggle, work and unity to maintain and sustain the glory achieved in these years of Revolution. The history of Matanzas is essential in the Cuban future, the trajectory lived in the city is an indissoluble part of the nation, since the Matanzas have supported political and social struggles and have been part of our dreams of justice throughout these 151 years »

Words that accompanied Dr. Ercilio Vento Canosa, Historian of the City of Matanzas, when he related:

“Matanzas is certainly a paradigm of culture and reference forced to be the place where the first anti-slavery poetry, defender of identity, was written to have the creative headquarters of national dance. Revolutionary, laborious and cultured people would call it Fidel providing in a masterful phrase all the historical evolution of the city where the first experience of the Popular Power took place.»Today only that would be enough to define Matanzas.»

For that story, written by the men and women who inhabit this city of bridges and rivers, of poets and legends, the Government of the municipality granted Distinction 326 of the City, to 15 Matanzas of origin or with more than 30 years of stay in it that with their work they have contributed relevant and sustained to their development.

Among those honored are Lieutenant Colonel Feliciano del Castillo Pinedo; Dionisio Torres Rojas, founder of the CDR; the educator Annareya Castillo; the pianist and composer Alejandro Falcón Rodríguez and the architect Emerio Méndez Arregoitia.

He also received the Adoptive Son scroll to six personalities who stand out in the fields of human and social activity.

The Symbol of the City, small replica of a column of the General Lacret Morlot bridge, this time it was awarded to the Pharmaceutical Museum, the only one of its kind in the continent, and to María Eugenia Romero, director of the children’s-community project Maravillas de la Infancia , among other natural and legal personalities of the territory.

Particularly emotional was the moment when special recognitions were announced in the voice of Landín Gamazo himself.»We are honored to recognize, on the 326 anniversary of the founding of the city, the provincial radio station Radio 26 for its uninterrupted work for 60 years, which accredits it as the radio of your heart.»

“For his meritorious effort to increase productivity and quality of services; for its perseverance based on the welfare of the people; for being a participant in the city’s transformative work, the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power recognizes the companion Teresa Rojas Monzón ”.

The president also stressed that the Matanzas are advancing in the construction of a prosperous and sustainable socialism.  “The challenge is to continue working to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, to increase the quality of services. The people of Matanzas are and will continue to be a bulwark of Socialism. ”At the closing of this solemn session of the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power of Matanzas, for its 326 anniversary, the pianist Alejandro Falcón performed La Bayamesa and the Danzon Dancing between bridges, with his arrangements.












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