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Celebrate Matanzas Cuban Culture Day.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 octubre, 2019

That October 20th, 1868 the march La Bayamesa, with its revolutionary letter, was transformed into a hymn as a culmination of joy that men and women, children and the elderly reflected before the occupation of Bayamo with the mambisas troops under Carlos Manuel de Céspedes . That represented a triumph against Spanish colonialism.

Historians point out that the town asked Patriot Perucho Figueredo to write a letter to the March and he, riding on his sorrel, wrote it. This song of struggle has since become a glorious symbol and expressed from the very beginning of the insurrection the independence, abolitionist and national unity ideal.

The National Anthem was the first work of the culture in arms. We recognize in him the artistic expression of that cultural act par excellence in which the people affirm and conquer their full independence. That is why, precisely, on October 20th, it has been instituted as the Day of Cuban Culture and is celebrated by the people who meet in parks and avenues.

151 years ago, the basic elements of our culture were founded, forged in the ideological struggle, in the revolutionary actions linked to the Latin American and Caribbean roots, dialectically strengthened in the fight against colonialism, first, and imperialism now. We will always show that our culture is a sword and forge for present and future generations in the Greater Antilles.







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