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Yumurí TV: 20 years with programs for children and young people on their grill.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 octubre, 2019

On a beautiful day, the Eleventh Barquito Filmmakers Event was held, whose main motivation this time was the 20 years of programming for children and youth of TV Yumurí.

That entrepreneurial spirit of its creators: the tireless Fara Madrigal and the director, Jesús del Castillo, led them to form a program that, in addition to recognizing doers and collaborators, turned the event into an annual meeting space to update the projection of the child-youth theme on Matanzas television.

This time the event was dedicated to Gudelia Mesa Herrera, master in Geography Teaching, thanks to whose advice Barquito de Papel has already visited 900 destinations.

Since December 1999, the inauguration date of the Yumurina television station, until today, the programming for children and young people has been present with dissimilar proposals: I am happy, My musical game, Notitín, The magic flute, Paper boat, Stay with me, The chiribitil and Only your heart knows.

Three speakers referred to different topics. In his speech, entitled Remembranzas deitos, the journalist María Elena Bayón – founder of TV Yumurí – highlighted Barquito de Papel as the children’s program produced for a longer time by a telecentre, with a record of permanence in the National TV within the provincial offers.

And he cited among his awards the Best program, Best screenplay and direction, the Popularity Award, acknowledgments of the UNICEF office in Cuba and the Basque Country, as well as the Union of Young Communists and the Organization of Pioneers Jose Marti.

María Elena Bayón also pointed out that in Latin America it marks as the only one that deals with this theme with game and entertainment features. On the other hand, psychologist Lena Alonso referred to the experiences in the integral management of a healthy adolescence from youth television programs.

And María Antonia Simeón – another founder of Yumurí TV – approached Los puppets on television. In his recount he spoke of I am happy, the first program for children, only five minutes long, and whose two characters, the Ulysses bee and the clown Maravilla – embodied by Fara Madrigal -, were concerned with transmitting values.

She described the puppets of Jesus of the Castle as very creative. And he set an example for Felito, the first puppet of a child, who was disabled. He recalled the challenge of filling the tiny study of infants just three meters high and eight meters wide by nine meters long. And he pondered the thematic diversity that shows Barquito de Papel.

“The ´leitmotiv´ of my life has been Barquito de Papel – said Jesus del Castillo, creator, screenwriter, filmmaker and director of space visibly excited. What I liked most in my life is to do Barquito … with you …, or write Pipepa – theater play that earned him the Casa de las Américas Award in 1998-, nothing … ”

Regla Bonora, head of the children and youth department of Cubavisión, described TV Yumurí as the telecentre that has had the courage to keep programs and segments for children and young people on their grill for 20 years. She highlighted the four projects he maintains on national television: Barquito de Papel, Stay with Me, El Chiribitil and only your heart knows. And he conveyed congratulation to the Matanzas plant.

The afternoon brought to the participants pleasant proposals such as the visit to the Grotto of San Juan, where the exhibition A world of fish, with design and realization of Jesus del Castillo himself; the presence of the charismatic oral narrator Ileana Hernández and her proposal The Fish and the Star, and the projection of the 3D material Once upon a time the sea.

The closing of the Eleventh Filmmakers Event brought an artistic brushstroke of good taste: Charlot, in homage to the unique comedian Charles Chaplín. And, as if not to forget the occasion, the Welcome Camerata Quintana and Atenas Brass joined in a luxury ensemble that gave fragments of a concert with well-known movie soundtracks.   It was an exchange day, a meeting of remembrances to trace the path of next year.



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