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The ANAP assembly process in Los Arabos advances.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 octubre, 2019

The process of renewal and / or ratification of mandates of the grassroots organizations of the National Association of Small Farmers began with the development of the pilot assembly at the Jesús Mondéjar Agricultural Production Cooperative of Occitania, an outstanding entity since its foundation for being profitable, diversify your productions and over-fulfill your food delivery plans. Given the necessary savings of energy carriers, they work the land with three oxen and expect to complete five shortly.

Here he was ratified as president of the base organization Alain Mondéjar Soto, while discussing the operation of the Peasant Youth Brigades, the Detachment of Revolutionary Surveillance, community work in the batey, the pioneer countryside, everything that creates the conditions subjective measures necessary to guarantee the essential efficiency in food production, said the attendees.

The meeting, which demonstrated the proceeding to the rest of the Anapist units of the territory, was assisted by the first secretary of the Party in the municipality, Anay Martínez Carrión; the member of the National Committee of the ANAP, Lázaro Herrera García and representatives of the Arab cooperatives that pay tribute to the ANAP.









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