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Initiatives are born from accountability.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 octubre, 2019

In the constituency # 7 of zone 187, of the Reparto Iglesias, in the Peñas Altas Popular Council, the delegate Marta Oviedo Aldazábal develops the process of accountability of the delegate to its constituents without any problems.

A community composed mostly of national leaders of the CTC, officials from the municipality of Matanzas and MININT workers commit this delegate to offer accurate and immediate responses to the concerns of the population to which it is accountable.

However, Marta Oviedo recognizes that although the solution of some social demands is difficult, the support of her constituents to her management has been a boost for her performance as a delegate.

Members of the CDR of this circumscription opted for the search for solutions from their collective management. They understand that the neighborhood needs real and immediate initiatives and options to existing problems.

Oviedo explained to Radio 26 that “from the meetings held so far, entrepreneurial ideas emanated that in the long and medium term will lead to the development of the area from the determination of the main issues that affect said population. Once the human component that characterizes this enclave is known, it also works with vulnerable factors and inserts them into the revolutionary process that is carried out in the demarcation. ”

The construction of sinks by collective effort and with the help of the Community Services Company creates an opportunity to agglomerate garbage in one place and prevent the proliferation of vectors and epidemics. Likewise, hygiene, image and aesthetic cleanliness are maintained and the health of the residents is preserved.

Mario Díaz Santana, coordinator of Zone 187, as a voter proposed to condition the wasteland adjacent to the area for the construction and qualification of sports facilities: “The grass of the high grass will prevent the creation of garbage dumps and these can be used land for young people to win a space (court) where to play soccer or basketball and do other sports.”

In these areas, where weeds abound today, new generations will be able to meet and have spaces for sports and cultural exchange.  María Victoria Hernández Lazo proposed creating giant baskets for the collection of raw materials. In these “giant baskets” voters will deposit the recyclable materials that they dispose of from their homes in order to deliver them to the Commodity Recovery Company and thus collaborate with the collection indicators.

Last Sunday, on 170th Street, the neighbors undertook one of the agreements previously adopted during the rendering of accounts, consisting of the setting of a land for the construction of a small park.

These results, which are born from the current process, confirm that the delegate’s accountability to his constituents, rather than spaces for the exchange and presentation of complaints to entities, can also generate, organize and conceive new possibilities of management and advancement in the communities , without the need for external efforts. This is strong evidence that accountability devises initiatives.








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