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More than a thousand Matanzas doctors fulfill mission in 42 nations of the world.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 octubre, 2019

More than a thousand Matanzas doctors, trained under the principles of infinite solidarity, fulfill mission in 42 nations of the world, as a sign of the internationalist policy of the largest of the Antilles.

In this sense, Venezuela is the most represented country with more than 800 doctors from Matanzas who are guaranteed the living conditions and their integral security. Even so, the work of these professionals is constantly besieged by those who put forward political interests and disregard such human, sincere and necessary work.

It hurts to see how they unfairly manipulate, misrepresent and assault men and women who years after years dedicate their days to study and research with the sole purpose of alleviating or healing humanity. It is difficult for them to simply understand that they are bilateral collaboration agreements that include sending medical brigades to strengthen the health system in various countries of the world.

They hang from the slightest slip to activate campaigns against the thousands of Cuban doctors who, without distinction or preference, attend any human being who needs it. The United States, maliciously, tries, but will never be able to denigrate the work of the Cuban white coats, that is guaranteed by a work, an ideal, a town.









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