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Sauto and his faithful guardians (+ recordings and photos)

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 noviembre, 2019

Forgetting the look at the Sauto Theater is not to reiterate something well known but to assess in a fair measure the effort it took to restore the prestigious cultural square to the core, while making the public aware of the importance of taking care of this Matanzas heritage.

Many anonymous people remained in this site that treasures a rich history since its founding 156 years ago.  These are the workers of the National Monument who guarded each piece and space so that, finally, in October 2019 it opened its doors.

El Sauto has files that protect the passage of time. The Documentation Center and Library continued to serve during the restoration of the coliseum, and after the reopening new images and documents swelled their shelves, testimony of the millimeter work carried out for more than a decade in the institution.

Kalec Acosta, director of the Sauto, talks about these conservation issues and additional values ​​of the Matanzas Theater, an architectural jewel.

… Audio on line

* Work of Maritza Tejera and Gicel Guerra de la Riva

* Photos of the Sauto theater








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