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Much is expected of Matanzas in economic matters.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 noviembre, 2019

To give a final impulse to the fulfillment of the Plan of the Economy 2019 called in Matanzas the trade union movement, in moments of material and financial restrictions, context intensified, in addition, by the blockade and the interventionist escalation of the Government of the United States.

Osmar Ramírez Ramírez, Secretary General of the Provincial Committee of the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC) urged to promote in the labor groups an analysis of the existing reserves in each center of production of goods and services, so that what was achieved Look like the potential of each place.

“The services are not yet produced or provided according to what can be generated. We insist on the enormous efficiency reserves still to be discovered, there are many niches to unveil, “he said.

He said that in each union section the editorial should be analyzed.

Much to do before the end of the year, published in the November 11 issue of the weekly Workers, which alludes, among other factors, that “the capacity demonstrated by our people has allowed us to maintain the vitality of the country, and guarantee the basic services of the economy and the population, without ignoring, the effects on certain tasks that have reached the stoppage of industries and the decrease in the level of production in others”.

Ramírez Ramírez considered that the Editorial calls for promoting the mobilization of workers, to promote their initiatives and commitments until they practice efficiency in sectors that ensure the decisive income that the economy demands today, based on exports and import substitution.

He recognized the priority place of Matanzas in the economic structure of the country, by concentrating relevant capital sectors such as tourism, oil or power generation.

Precisely about the leisure industry, he congratulated the workers of this area for the Cuban Tourism Day, celebrated yesterday throughout the nation.”Matanzas cannot fail either the Revolution or the Party,” he said, in assessing the high economic significance of the tourist hike season started on November 15, a period that will run until April 2020.


Caption: A greater role of the trade union movement is needed to promote this final stretch of the 2019 plan, says the secretary of the CTC general in Matanzas.



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