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Former Hotel Villa Cuba celebrates 22 years very well positioned.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 noviembre, 2019

The former Villa Cuba hotel, now Be Live Experience Varadero, celebrated its 22 years of founding on the eve with the pride of being one of the most consolidated facilities of the Gran Caribe hotel group and also being very well positioned in the preference of those They visit the famous Playa Azul.

Juan Tomás Pedroso Pedroso, deputy director general, said he was pleased to receive the tourist hike season with the installation at the top of his housing capacity, which speaks of good commercial management prior to the start of an extended discharge period in the country of November to April.

He expressed the strategy followed to demonstrate with facts the commitment of an intelligent link between tourism and culture, based on Cubans identity, so that visitors are not satisfied only with beach and sun, but feel seduced by artistic expressions of great value.

«That’s why we decided to celebrate the hotel’s birthday with a typical day of the traditions of the Greater Antilles, where Cuban cuisine and music is put into practice, and everything that characterizes us.»

Pedroso Pedroso said he was optimistic about the possibility of ending the month of November with an optimal income result and described the predictions of December as very good, given the high number of repeat Canadian tourists and the existence of a rising Russian market, at Like the Italian, which presumes compliance with the expectations of the year, valued.

«Our mission is to raise the currency that the country needs to get out of the difficult situation we have and for that we have a group of workers inspired to fulfill the assigned task.»

He affirmed that in his 22 years Villa Cuba is better than ever and that they have been mitigating the effects of the resurgence of the blockade of the United States with the search for alternative markets and a differentiated attention to customers, because the personal performance of employees marks the difference.

With 365 rooms Villa Cuba and 148 Las Morlas, in 2016 the two facilities joined together to form a complex, which operates under an administration contract with the foreign company Be Live.

For the results of 2018, the complex deserved the category of National Vanguard, the stimulus granted by the Central of Workers of Cuba to this collective and that of Starfish Cuatro Palmas, the only ones to obtain it among the thirteen facilities of Gran Caribe in Matanzas that speaks clearly of the high performance of Villa Cuba-Las Morlas.

These results are only possible with the contest of the affiliates, always ready to step forward to any call, confessed Teresita Roosburgh Sotolongo, general secretary of the Trade Union Bureau.

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