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Rules of conduct for adolescents and young people, that is good.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 diciembre, 2019

How do the tastes of young people influence who they are and who they want to be?

This question is answered by Buena, a process carried out by the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in each of the educational centers in the province of Matanzas with the objective of rescuing good practices in the behavior of adolescents and young people.

Members of the pioneer organization José Martí, (OPJM), the Federation of Middle School Students (FEEM) and the University Student Federation (FEU), receive from the classrooms a message aimed at solving behaviors contrary to the reason for being of Cuban youth.

“The Martí municipality is one of the territories where Buena that serves as a tool for children and young people to understand the importance of preserving their values ​​in society. It also synthesizes a process carried out previously that had the objective of explaining the harmfulness of drug use, Drugs no, thanks, ”Durialis Almeida Rodríguez, municipal president of the pioneers in Marti, told Radio 26.

The preparation to the managers of pioneer groups, as well as to the municipal structures and the exchange with base guides and secretaries of the base committee, are some of the activities that complement the actions aimed at enriching the dialogues emanating from the audiovisual product and the documents of Good that.

This process will meet with students in Matanzas schools until January and will be followed by other actions organized by the UJC, an organization that conducts and educates the Cuban youth universe.






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