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Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 diciembre, 2019

This 2019 constitutes a momentous year for the Icarón Theater group, in Matanzas, because it marks the almost total culmination of its new headquarters located in the historic center of the city, once known as the Modern cinema, now converted into a large hall, stage ideal for the representation of so many successes and tasks of the collective.

Its main manager, the first actress Miriam Muñoz, told Radio 26, her criteria about this meaning:

“It has been a positive year; agreements were made by the Performing Arts Council and the Provincial Directorate of Culture to terminate our headquarters, which the town has been looking forward to for 17 years. Also the stages, the roof, the lunetarium with 120 comfortable seats plus two boxes were concluded.

«We are also happy with the artistic results because we overcame the function plan, we toured municipalities and provinces, as I was able to finally write the uni-personal The penalties did not kill me, in homage to my most awarded performance.»

This current work becomes saga of the nationally and internationally recognized monologue The sorrows that kill me, written more than 20 years ago by the prominent playwright Albio Paz, especially for her.

The play has a validity that moves from laughter to tears, being backed by the human dimension of the text and the staging, work that will be the protagonist of the opening gala of the headquarters at the beginning of next year 2020.

The Icarón group stands as one of the bastions of the performing arts in Matanzas and the country. Its positioning is the result of a process, in which the life and artistic concerns of the first actress Miriam Muñoz are dimensioned together with the desire of a group of actors who follow her with admiration and fortitude.  On these particularities Miriam Muñoz indicated:

“All these circumstances have led to a feeling of indestructible unity in the group; we are few but giant, acting and participating in the construction of this great hall.

“Gilberto Subiaurt continues to rise with his works, among them the last premiere of Promesa and his great repertoire; Lucre Estévez with interpretations and attention to workshops with children and adolescents, which we developed without stopping; Mary Alba with her beautiful designs and our technicians and service workers. We have not had a departure time and we thank the Triple C brigade for the finish we achieved in the building.

“The stage is 13 meters wide and nine meters deep and has the same height dimension. It is a huge three-storey building with production needs met. Here you can present dance, circus and music functions, in addition to histrionics. ”

When asked what works of the repertoire are kept active?, the First Actress from Matanzas replied:   “Almost all of them, including Agua, Condemados, Edith, The Woven Window, Paper Flowers, the Hot, Hot Comedy that you burn and others that, as long as your scenery is restored, can be incorporated into the show.”

The Icarón group has received several awards this year: the nomination for the National Theater Award, by Miriam; the distinguished award for the fourth consecutive year awarded by the National Union of Culture and other expressions in our city and in the capitals of Villa Clara and Pinar del Río.

Because it is worth saying that to his great merit in the tables the vocation of its members is united by the teaching profession, for transmitting to the young generations their legacy and they continue being a school with the purpose of giving continuity to the dramatic art in the Athens of Cuba.

For those who in Matanzas daily life we ​​live the vicissitudes of an existence, in which delicious moments come up with overwhelming nightmares, the message of La Muñoz, its excellent interpretations, loaded with subtleties, vitalize the love of the Fatherland, the theater and the family by turning the tables into a point of reflection on the spiral progress of life, which becomes the artistic objective of this selfless collective.


Historical sketches

In his dossier it is pointed out that a first outline of the group in 2001 was the Alas Theater Project. In 2002, he changed his name to Icarón, as a tribute to an endearing character in the scenic history of the actress and especially for an idea of ​​evolution and growth.

This desire to overcome is, without a doubt, the element that most clearly distinguishes the purposes of this effort: the fact of doing theater even in many difficult conditions, the transformative vocation of acting on the actor and society, of insisting in a profession of life for art that finally materializes in a tribute to the city of Matanzas.


Among the objectives of the group is to increase the group’s repertoire mainly with the works of Cuban authors and keep the dramatic theater alive in the Athens of Cuba.





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