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Take care of the income of the tourist hike season.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 diciembre, 2019

The Cuban tourist hike season began with the task of registering the logical income, consistent with a period where the leisure industry receives its «peak» numbers of foreign visitors, usually from November to April.

With just over 30 percent of island tourism, it is no secret that the prestigious resort of Varadero brings the highest digits to the state coffers and has been instrumental in the fact that the Cayman Green has a position of preference in the Caribbean.

The increase that has just begun requires the maximum delivery of managers and employees in order to perform according to their potential, a first step to consolidate the quality of service provision, an issue that must become a daily battle, in the main battle of Tourism, as recently said the head of that sector, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

Once I wrote that if anyone had doubts about the capital importance that the so-called chimneyless industry is for this nation, it was enough to review the more than ten guidelines approved in the VII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), which summarize both the development demanded by the sector, as its dynamic essence.

With total intention, the Party document highlights the first objective of the capture of foreign exchange, the increase in the quality of services, the improvement of the forms of commercialization, the diversification of the issuing markets, the chain with other sectors and the search for complementary offers to the accommodation.

Despite this, it should be agreed that efficiency continues to be a result that needs to be generalized. There are still hotels that work with more expenses than income, which seems a sacrilege for a sector called to move more and more the economy of the country.

It is true that the blockade of the United States impacts negatively on the flows of visitors arriving in the Greater Antilles, but, if the reception of visitors decreases, in that same proportion the optimization will have to increase in each item of expenditure, something which still costs to do in a few facilities or extra-hotel entities.

The high tourist season, which will end in April 2020, needs, for the good of the nation, to resemble its real possibilities. Rendering all the income you can give will be the only way to conquer the much desired profitability.





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