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Radio 26, that of your (my) heart.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 diciembre, 2019

When we think of our house, we usually associate it with tranquility, tranquility, security and peace; its walls become the small kingdom in which we protect ourselves from the outside world, from everything that causes us negative emotions.

It is in the home where we deposit our dreams, where we live with the family, where we first learn to grow. Luckily we have some of having two places to go to when the storms of everyday life haunt us and we don’t find a safe harbor beyond that space.

I run the risk of repeating myself when cataloging Radio 26 as my second home, but I assume it before the impossibility of looking at the station with eyes that are not totally said for the security of permanence, of gratitude for how much it has driven me to take on challenges with dreams of the future. And this is not like any other institution.

Sure of the importance of the 60 years that he shares with the Cuban Revolution as this is the first radio plant purchased by the July 26 Movement, on December 23rd, 1959, and the importance of the professionals who preceded me and worked the way to That this was the station that it is today, I cannot help but feel honored by the opportunity to live with many others who build the history of Matanzas radio day by day.

Feeling my disasters and frustrations as mine, enlightening my life with every satisfaction of his, learning with his mistakes and applauding his safe gait, not stumbling blocks, Radio 26 has helped me overcome obstacles and fears, to assume failures and turn them into certainties, To love my profession as a few things in life.

I can say that it is on the radio station that today it is six decades old where I feel like a fish in the water: thirsty for new knowledge, satisfied with the path taken and prepared for the challenges of creation. I celebrate its 60 years with the pride of those who feel indebted to their history, part of their present and committed to their future.

From my temporary absence of this radio, that of your heart and mine, now more than ever I am sure: to return will be an incentive because after such a welcome pause there will not be something as pleasant as returning to my second home.








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