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Fidel’s dinner with the coal workers was a supreme act of solidarity.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 diciembre, 2019

Julio Antonio Amorín Ponce, historian of Zapata Swamp municipality, is certain that Fidel’s dinner with the coal workers was a supreme act of solidarity with the humble and a clear message of radicalization.

Today, when 60 years of the historical event are completed, the researcher brings back the fact. He is excited that “in the afternoon – night of December 24th, 1959, a helicopter turns on the reflector and a beam of light descends, helping to visualize the pilot when it landed in the pasture of Roberto Morejón, El Soplillar, and very close to the very modest homes of Rogelio García Arencibia-Pilar Montano Gómez and Carlos Méndez Padrón-Francisca Amengual Montano.

“That beam of light in the middle of the night was eloquent indicative of progress, well-being and justice. For the first time in national history a Prime Minister or Head of State came to share a universal traditional holiday like Christmas Eve with the most exploited and forgotten workers in Cuba. ”

As it has transpired until the time, in a family atmosphere spent the Christmas Eve of the coal miners with Fidel in 1959. «The great leader instilled confidence in those humble, semi-illiterate and homeless people since centuries,» says Amorín Ponce.

For the historian, Christmas Eve of the Soplillar was the culmination of a year of deep economic and social transformations of the once great swamp. By then, he explains, the channel that linked La Boca with the famous Laguna del Tesoro, the Australia-Playa Larga-Girón footbridge, among other works, such as twelve coal cooperatives and one fishing cooperative, improvised schools, medical posts, had been completed.

For Julio Amorín, the historian of Zapata Swamp, Fidel’s dinner with the coal workers was a supreme act of solidarity.    That impressive metamorphosis, he notes, became the result of Fidel’s first visit the Zapata Swamp, on March 16th, 1959, at which time the then Prime Minister was shot by that place.

«That is why we affirm that this Wetland became the spoiled girl of the Revolution, the daughter of the creative work of two illustrious Cubans: Fidel Castro Ruz and Celia Sánchez Manduley.»

There is no doubt, explains Amorín Ponce, that Fidel extended his generous hand to the most exploited workers in Cuba, which “allowed us to see the radicalization of the revolutionary process, its rectilinear direction towards solving the most overwhelming problems of the dispossessed sectors of the Cuban people. ”

In the historian’s opinion, that explains that when Fidel arrives at the Soplillar dinner, his name had already become a banner of hope and social justice.

There is no doubt, he acknowledges, that this event classifies as one of the most important in the history of the Zapata Swamp in the period of the Revolution in power.






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