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The Matanzas federation towards 2030.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 diciembre, 2019

The Matanzas federations, as protagonists of their empowerment in the face of 2030, are immersed in various tasks, Berta Suárez Gazmuri, official of the Federation of Cuban Women, told Radio 26.

Among them is the fulfillment of the 18 objectives of its Tenth Congress and the actions related to the demands of women made from grassroots organizations to those set out at their highest appointment.

The jaba plan update, theme for which an analysis is carried out in each municipality, leads the actions to complement next year. Added to this are donation modules for children’s circles, taking into account the lack of tea towels and rugs to decorate the classrooms, added the female leader.

Courts against the blockade are also scenarios in which women can condemn the hoaxes and injustices of the US government, in addition to empowering themselves with the word, Suárez Gazmuri concluded.


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