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Names of next exalted to the Hall of Fame Palmar de Junco released.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 diciembre, 2019

Elena Gonzales Mestres, director of the Palmar de Junco local development project, announced in a press conference the eight baseball personalities approved for exaltation this January 6 in the Hall of Fame.

On a day planned to enjoy the ball as part not only of Matanzas but of Cuba, this December 27th the Palmar Junco Stadium, National Monument, dressed up to commemorate the protagonists of that baseball game, considered today as the first of an official nature in the country, exactly 145 years ago.

A plaque was unveiled in the center to immortalize those players of the 1874 game, which featured local youth and Havana.

In the longest running park in the world, which housed fans and sports personalities in the territory, veteran baseball players from both provinces reedited in a game in 5 innings that meeting of the nineteenth century. The glories of the revolutionary sport Arturo and Wilfredo Sánchez, Lázaro Junco and Juan Manrique, participated by the local team this Friday.

The presentation of the text of the historian and baseball lover Ismael Sené: “From the grass of my stadium” served as the culmination of the event because the book tells in an attractive way the passages of the history of the Cuban ball.

The Hall of Fame Palmar de Junco located inside the Stadium recognizes athletes, historians and journalists linked to baseball, in that category will exalt Bobby Salamanca and Ismael Sené.

With 18 National Series and an average of 1318 hits in 4583 times, the receiver Juan Manrique, the only homestead approved this year, said he was grateful for such recognition.

The list also includes Leonardo Cárdenas, Cheito Domínguez, Pedro Ramos, José Antonio Huelga and Santiago Changa Mederos.

Around 60 personalities of the ball have been exalted since the inauguration of the project, which underwent changes in recent months, including abandoning its territorial category.

At this time, the possibility of integrating the areas of Palmar that today operate individually such as the shooting range, the baseball academy and the project itself is valued, to help boost the installation that offers services for tourism and national people.




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