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Zero violence.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 diciembre, 2019

Without prior notice we surprised in the house of a friend the psychologist and professor of the University Of Medical Sciences Of Matanzas, Wendy González Rodríguez, to discuss the development of the Chair of Educational Work in relation to non-violence against women, topic which in my view does not need a date to address it.

«It is no secret to the role played by women in Cuban society, where every day is about empowering more, that is the legacy of our Fidel and Vilma, eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women …” she told Radio 26 the specialist.

Minutes later González Rodríguez commented on the actions that the University Of Medical Sciences Of Matanzas has carried out in its ZERO tolerance of violence against women.

….Audio on line

After hearing the statements of the psychologist we can conclude that every day we are facing manifestations of violence, many times without even realizing it.

Against these manifestations, especially with women and girls, the Federation of Cuban Women is also systematically pronounced through the House of Orientation for Women and the Family with the support of specialized Health personnel and the Ministry of Justice.

We are comforted to know that in Cuba, WOMEN is a precious being, so special attention is given. She is the fundamental pillar on which, in the majority of cases, the family is built.

Anyway, we voted for NO to violence against women.



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