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The nights at Victoria … for another season.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 diciembre, 2019

It will be played at night in the playoffs of the Cuban ball, I read in a headline while my heart jumped for joy at the news, but before I could overflow with satisfaction when thinking about the games late in the afternoon, the article stressed that only the Stage of the Victoria de Girón stadium will be deprived of night games.

My imagination flew without being objective; I recognize it, because I follow closely the development of events related to the lighting of Matanzas Park.

I was present during the change of the metal bases planned to support, at some point, the LED luminaires that will make Victoria the most illuminated park in the country and therefore the matches on television can be transmitted with a 4k resolution quality.

During the Series 57, the change of four of the iron frames began where the luminaires should rest, due to the poor condition they were in, due to the effect of the saltpeter and the low maintenance. Two years passed and in May 2019, with the mobilization of two large industrial cranes, the remaining six were placed.

It was a dangerous job due to their weight and the height of 36 meters where the work was done, a risk for the operators due to the speed of the air in the area.

The replacement of the structures had a deadline for the month of August, which to coincide with the start of the 59 Series, many believed that the new lights installed in the center would be from that moment. The fire of imagination was soon extinguished by the National Baseball Commission, informing the schedule of the first phase of the domestic championship. He also stressed that there was no liquidity to acquire that technology.

Although it seems verse, the reality is that the situation in the country months later forces us to choose between lights and more necessary items, so there will be no night games at home at this time.

The show will be under sunlight and not illuminated with advanced technology. That is not important now. Matanzas went on to the playoffs, more reinforcements, other players, many debts and a people hungry for victory.

We must wait for the start of another season, perhaps, to go to the Victoria de Girón in the evenings. For this to happen, the economic conditions of the country must be improved, which are largely due to our deficiencies in order to understand the need to save and preserve those places where resources have already been invested.

Immediately I am only happy to know that other attractions such as gastronomy, music and screens will return to the stadium, as in previous years.




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