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Ildefonso Acosta: the arpeggios of Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 diciembre, 2019

As a symbol of life, the hands of Ildefonso Acosta Escobar press the strings of the guitar and its music floods streets and rivers until spreading warm harmonies in the waters of the Bay of Matanzas.

Inhabits the National Music Award 2019 and perhaps that is the most blessed gift that was granted, because when you breathe the air and contemplate the city at your feet, a multitude of sounds come to it …, from batá drums to melodious violins, the song of the birds and the vibrating of the crowd that endorses houses, squares and parks, all reflected in the six-string arpeggios.

This Matanzas born on January 24th, 1939, although he studied violin with Cándido Failde and trumpet with Rafael Somavilla Pedroso and Dagoberto Hernández Piloto, it was the guitar that moved him when, purely for pleasure, he turned it into an inseparable interpretive instrument and inspiration.

“The arts express the feeling of men, but I say that the queen of the arts is poetry, art that has no poetry cannot last, it is a feeling that springs… Music predominates because of its dimension, it is a universal language that is heard and felt in the universe. ”

Ildefonso Acosta had a happy childhood and a tragic adolescence, because he lost his family in just one year; then he took refuge in the songs of his uncle Ernesto Escobar and in the romances that were lavish until he found his true love: the leading Matanzas musicologist Iraida Trujillo.

Much of romanticism has the existence of this eminent concert musician, with popular subtleties in the interpretation, so similar to the way of being of people from Matanzas, who was the president of the Union of Writers and Artists in Matanzas for several decades. He was able to settle in Havana, but he felt tied to the spell of the Athens of Cuba. His fertile trajectory becomes national pride.

“That has been my life, dedicated to music and teaching since the early years of the Revolution. I have never abandoned teaching. I am currently a professor at the Evangelical Seminary of Theology. ”     But what are the wishes of Ildefonso?

“I have wanted since Matanzas to try to do a work, which may not be for universality, but I think that for: my homeland, my country… I want to be in the heart of the future Cubans, of the future Matanzas, leave them the best gift: my work. I am a man who is not limited to what I have done, I am a person that I have given to other people, to my country, it is what I want, it is what I ask, what I wanted to be. I know this province so much… I recognize even the stones and the puddles. ”

The music of a guitar, distinguishable among the immense sonority of the huge neoclassical buildings, extends, like a balm of intensity and tenderness, to the ear of the listener, it is the pulse of this artist in love with his killing.




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