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The Jyoshinmon of Raúl Rizo, a karate with Cuban flavor.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 diciembre, 2019

The future of men, outside their homelands wove throughout the world lines of history and tradition that link today to regions as far away as Cuba and Japan.

From the country of the Rising Sun, where several of the popular martial arts today germinated on the Island, they traveled long distances to insert themselves with their millenary philosophies in Cuban culture.

A Japanese teacher, Shoshishan Hoshu Ikeda, deposited his knowledge during a trip to the West Indies in 1969 in seven men who would be responsible for establishing karate in Cuba.

From one of them, and in successive trips through the land of the samurai, Domingo Rodríguez Oquendo, known as Raúl Rizo, learned the principles of that martial art.

His physical absence prevents knowing the details of how he became part of his life and taught his principles. But Isabel Rodríguez Martinez, daughter and heiress, currently Dan Soke of the Jyoshinmon line Raúl Rizo Shorin Ryu, says that for his father, karate-do was the moonlight in the dark night.

In that philosophy he has maintained the legacy of this style that is practiced today in twelve provinces of the country, in addition to other regions of the Americas and the World.

Domingo or Raúl Rizo has the merit of having created an operational karate that was inserted as a personal defense in the Ministry of Interior in the country. It is precisely his modifications to the original postulates of the line of the master Ikeda, which originate this Cuban side.







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