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A game that feels from the heart.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 enero, 2020

The Matanzas fans support their ball team in these play offs. Congas, giant crocodiles, posters, pitos and colors distinguish the Crocodile Palace in the current national series.

A red wave is confused with the stands and there are those who defy the sun to witness a home run or a stolen base in the Victoria de Girón.

The whole family gathers around the television and little by little everyone thinks about the best strategy, about the mistakes and the game.

The Riera-Perez are an example of how deep the ball penetrates Cuba and his son Diego, despite being open-hearted, is one of the faithful followers. Until Las Tunas came the boy in the semifinal!

From the stands, the Peña de las Cocodrilas always sets the pace: a handful of women who are over 40, but who leave homework to support their team.

Sometimes the heated discussions rise in tone and one realizes that the Cuban speculates on his baseball knowledge, although there are those who never practiced or physical education.

Baseball fever seized its people about eight years ago and there are few infarcts and pressure rises to this, our national sport.

In this way it is shown that the leadership of the team is no longer of a single man, but of the people of Matanzas who claim, feel and need to win.






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