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Mella, word and action.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 10 enero, 2020

Despite the rain and fresh air, university students, cadres of the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Young Communists League of Matanzas province and municipality met this morning in a park that bears the name of the young anti-imperialist man Julio Antonio Mella, 91 years after his murder.

«Who saw Mella up close, met one of the most suggestive and attractive personalities who have encouraged in our land,» would describe Yamelis Umpierre Pérez, member of the FEU Secretariat of the University of Matanzas, next to Mella’s bust, who did so much in such a short time, by retaking the words of Juan Marinello.

The Mexican streets Morelos and Abraham González witnessed 91 years ago, of one of the most criminal murders committed by Machado tyranny members. «Even after death, we are useful,» with this phrase, the student leader encouraged the possibility of his death. The risks involved in the workers and communist struggle of the young revolutionary became a cruel reality on January 10th, 1929.

The short and fruitful life of the Cuban student and communist leader is an example for Matanzas university students and for the organization that groups them, the University Student Federation, which is heading for its centenary, keeps the principles of its founder Julio Antonio Mella in force.

His last words «I die for the Revolution», constituted a commitment to the anti-imperialist work he promoted. Today the young people from Matanzas have a duty to make the thought of Mella word and action.












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