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The honorable Gijon who gives name to the municipality is honored in Jovellanos

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 enero, 2020

Don Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, honorable Gijonés, who honors the municipality of Jovellanos with his name, was exalted about the celebration of his 276 birthday.

Up to the square that perpetuates his memory came the main authorities of the territory to, along with emblematic personalities of the town, children, youth and the general population, pay due tribute to the considered «Main honor of Spain and eternal glory of province and family.»

From songs from his native city, to the interpretation of his beautiful poetry and the most native of our culture, they were the appropriate pretext to highlight his immense work, unfortunately little known.

Jovellanos, a man of poetry, philosopher, dramatic author, critic, politician, tireless reformer, of all knowledge and work in everything applying his immense and deep knowledge to improve the fate of his country.

Propicia was the occasion to recognize those who in one way or another have contributed since their work in different areas to enhance this remarkable figure. Similarly, Alicia González Domínguez, a member of the Jovellanos Forum Foundation, donated to the municipal museum a cassette with the recording of the local anthem, its scripted writing, the replica of the flag and the shield that identify the municipality.

The tribute, which became a political-cultural activity, marked the beginning of other actions that will take place during the year as part of the plan drawn up to celebrate the coming September 13th on the 150th Anniversary of the change of Bemba’s name to Jovellanos.

Photos: Yosier Argüeso Miranda and Aitana Sada González.









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