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Javier Camero and the home runs of the Victory.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 enero, 2020

Two home runs by Javier Camero and an effective relay by Yamichel Pérez allowed the Crocodiles of Matanzas the 5 × 3 victory at the start of the play off against Camagüey.

The fifth Timber of the Crocodiles overcame the offensive drought of previous days and hit this afternoon from 4-3, pair of home runs, one of them with bases full, to tow the five scores of his team.

Camero opened the scoring in the second inning with a home run alone before the deliveries of Lázaro Blanco, who in five innings struck out four men.

At the end of that chapter, the Camagüeyanos scored the first of their own, but the hug on the scoreboard remained until the fourth, when an error in Arruebarruena’s shot allowed the second score of the premises.

Almost at the close of the fifth came the third for the Bulls, but the advantage in the scoreboard did not prevent the director, Miguel Borroto, to replace Blanco with Frank Luis Medina, to this one by Frank Madan Montejo and that three other pitchers also went up to the mound.

During the press conference Borroto said it was not a mistake to withdraw the Granmense, because during the championship he has not exceeded the number of shipments, around 70 in general.

He also stated that Matanzas had been better, although those led by Armando Ferrer left 15 men in base.

Finally, Yamichel Pérez, pitcher with the best average save at this stage, came to the rescue of veteran Yonder Martínez to guarantee the victory of the Crocodiles.

With that departure Armando Ferrer loses the possibility of using it as a starter in the game this Sunday that will begin then Noelvis Entenza, who will face the talented Yousimar Cousin.







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