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“The Knight of the Tenth” in the memory of his people.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 enero, 2020

Justo Vega on thev right.


Although I was a child, I remember my grandfather sitting in front of the TV delighting in the controversies of Justo Vega and Adolfo Alfonso in the renowned television program Palmas y Cañas.

On January 13th, 1993 Justo Vega physically said goodbye to his people, with the same tranquility and optimism with which he lived to sing to the Fatherland, to nature, to the land, to women, to friends, to the tenth and Life itself

The history of the Cuban tenth, of peasant music and of suddenness, could not be written without putting in a top place, the name of the Knight of the Tenth, as he is reminded today.

And it is more than an exceptional interpreter. This simple man that many generations of Cubans saw for years appear on our TV screens, on radio shows, in political events and in peasant parties common in any province of Cuba, became the king of memorable controversies, impossible to forget.

He was born in Matanzas and traveled to Havana to succeed thanks to the effort with which he welcomed his work on the radio, either as a commercial presenter, announcer and member of an important quartet known in the 1930s as Cuban Troubadours.

Unable to part with his Guajira essence, he toured Latin America and other parts of the world with his inseparable friend and controversial partner Adolfo Alfonso, enchanting everyone in the places where they presented themselves and sowing in the youngest an imperishable seed of love for peasant and traditional Cuban music and, particularly, by suddenness.








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