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You have to participate in everything.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 enero, 2020

The breakdown of the budgets of the companies and units budgeted must be the domain of the workers so that they are participants in what they want to achieve. This, as has been said repeatedly, is a necessity and is imposed if we really want to develop the potential of the territory, as the maximum leadership of the Party in the province and the country demands.

Matanzas has a leading place, as it constitutes tourism and investments, agriculture, among other items, bastions of economic development in the country. Hence, it is considered that it is very difficult for transformation strategies to bear fruit if all social entities are not involved, if the imperative to act is not clear, to foster an effective link in all processes. And there are groups where these analyze are mere formalities.

It is also necessary to stimulate an economic culture that serves as a premise to obtain the objectives and goals of the model that we have proposed, because the normative and economic instruments designed are not sufficient by themselves.

The advance must have as its axis the performance of man, the awareness of this as a member of the collective, as well as of their positive emotional relationships, with the recognition of an identity and the strengthening of individual and collective capacities to recognize, assume and solve problems.

Such elements imply, as a dominant point, the introduction of participatory habits and skills and in this the managers become protagonists of their development.

If workers do not involve themselves with full heart and responsibility in each of the tasks of the company or unit, no progress is made, that is proven. Only a high sense of unity and collaboration makes it possible to achieve the fulfillment of the schedules, the quality in the executed and the saving of resources, vital when it comes to following the path.




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