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From home to gardens, manual for play offs.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 14 enero, 2020

The renewed interest of Cubans in the ball, regarding the end of the National Baseball Series in its 59th edition, showed me that ,despite the prejudices not only women do not know certain questions about the game.

In the streets, work centers and of course on social networks, hundreds of criteria about the Cuban show are generated daily from the beginning of the semifinal.

Fans expose their valuations, supported, sometimes, by the passion towards the team of preference or by the mastery of figures, averages.

During these days baseball is the headline of each morning and those who did not previously recognize its attractiveness, now out of curiosity, tune in to the transmission of the game or attend the stadium. Everyone wants to intervene in the discussions about the matches and indicate who will be the champion but their limited knowledge only allows them to question: What happened? Why do you return to the bank? Wasn’t that a home run?

For them, men and women, who still do not know about ball here I leave general aspects to understand the game.

Whether from the stands or in front of the TV, a ball game is always enjoyed, because in reality you do not need to be a great connoisseur to appreciate the striking aspect of this sport where agility, concentration, reflexes and especially the team game, They combine to offer a show.

Baseball is a joint sport where nine players participate in the defense and the same number in offense, precisely this number symbolizes the innings (moments), which are not subject to a duration limit, where each team will try to score races to take the victory.

Each game is different from another; there are never two matches, so a strategy is planned before the start. It is decided who will be the pitcher who will throw the ball towards a catcher who must catch it. These two men are also known as drums, and they have the greatest importance of the game, because they decide what are the pitches with which to face the batter of the opposing team to avoid billing runs.

In addition to the nine defense players who are on the ground in different positions, one on each pad of the inner field (infield) that draws a diamond, another guarding the short field (position between 2 and 3 base) and the three in the gardens, four referees are arranged on the grass to judge the plays.

The playing field must always be level, seeking to avoid injuries to the players, when running through the bases to score a run or to catch a ball and put the batter-runner out.

In each of the nine innings, the teams have their turn at the bat that ends when they receive three outs. This means putting a player out of play and can be done via the punch (when he fails to hit before 3 strikes), catching a ball before it falls to the ground or upon receiving the ball and touching the opposing player in any of the bases.

The greatest defensive responsibility lies with the pitcher because with his throws he must prevent the batters from connecting the ball and arriving at the bases to score runs. How the opposing offensive can act depends on your work in the match.

The pitcher can throw the ball in different ways so that the batter cannot hit him, depending on the grip will be the type of throw: straight, curved or slider, among others; for when the player is in the batter’s box (next to home) he cannot connect the hit ball, to reach the base and then score a run.

During the game there are controversial plays that in this play-off, Matanzas vs Camagüey, can be verified thanks to the television broadcast that allows corroborating the referee’s decision. These can be wrong, in fact it happens, when deciding if an out is still, or vice versa, which generates a lot of excitement in the public surpassed only by the home run.

The home runs (home run) occur when the batter takes the ball off the field, like Javier Camero during the initial match at Candido González; the second of this afternoon with men at each base is considered a Grand Slam.   It is the most spectacular and the maximum offensive action.

This Tuesday the meetings between Crocodiles and Bulls resume that should discuss in this final seven games if necessary, because the title will get the first to reach the figure of four victories.  29 years ago, these teams met for the National Series Trophy and during that time none could be reissued as a winner. Hence the importance of the final breakfast every morning in these days of January.


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