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People from Jovellanos with Martí in the heart.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 enero, 2020

Organized by the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in the municipality of Jovellanos and with the participation of the main authorities in this territory, in addition to children, youth and the general population, the morning of this January 15 was filled with light, next to the Bust that perpetuates the memory of our Apostle José Martí to perform an act of relief to such a consecrated figure.

Once the occasion has come in an extraordinary act of revolutionary reaffirmation, more than one voice rose up, unlike those few who tried to denigrate their fortitude, on this day exalt their work.

In his speech, Lázaro Cuñarro, a member of the José Martí Cultural Society in Jovellanos, points out that Martí wants a whole town.

¨… in us they are and their ideas last, because what a group ambitions falls, so persists what a whole town wants and our people want Martí… ¨, highlighted in his words the member of the José Martí Cultural Society, Lázaro Cuñarro .  At the same time, the president of the Association of Combatants in the municipality, Julio Renal Rosales, endorsed the words of journalist Rolando Rodríguez to recount some of the passages of such a humble figure that was our National Hero. In his speech he also pointed out that:

¨… we cannot allow events such as these to be carried out in a sovereign Cuba to which he contributed so much, Martí will continue to pay perpetual tribute, since he always opens what to resort to, our Martí is in the heart of the people … ¨, he emphasized.

His simple verses in the voices of the new and Jovellaneian pines all, louder than ever, were recited in chorus and the Homeland or Death that will continue to resist and overcome, more acute was heard.

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Martí will always have to appeal, he emphasized in his words the president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in the territory, Julio Renal Rosales.









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