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Farmers with “feet on the ground”.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 enero, 2020

The Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) Alexander Stamboliyski, of this municipality, although it diversifies its productions, has as its corporate purpose the cultivation of sugarcane, for which 907 hectares are destined, of which only 72 benefit from artificial irrigation.

Systematic work in sugarcane plantations allows yields of 74 t per hectare in dry land; this is corroborated with the results in the first three blocks harvested during the current sugar contest, where estimates at 109 percent were met.

According to the president of the cooperative, Yoel Beruvides Páez, he has worked with the established commitments dedicated to greeting the XII Congress of the ANAP, among which are listed the fulfillment of the productive plans for 2019 and the establishment of hiring by 2020

He added that during this month of January the daily milk delivery plan behaves at 102 percent, in addition, there is work on sugarcane recovery after cutting and on the cultivation and harvest of food products for the population.

Beruvides explained that in order to reduce fuel consumption, the ox-gatherings were increased and the actions in the field multiplied by animal traction.

“Thanks to the joint work of the 123 associates, the CPA exhibits the National Vanguard distinction, the Álvaro Reinoso award and the category of Excellence in urban agriculture, among other awards.”








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